ethics and integrity

A question almost all our Corporate Governance clients ask is, “What is the link between good governance practices, and ethics? How can we use governance in our company to establish a high ethical standard in our dealings with our customers, our employees and fellow-workers, and our community?”

Our own clients are entitled to the highest standards in our own ethics in our dealings with them. Our three-decades experience working for prominent, highly regarded, financial institutions in a variety of different environments and cultures across the world has informed our own approach to ethical practices in our engagements with clients – engagements that frequently involve highly confidential matters, and delicate and tactful management of personal relationships at the highest level.



As a long-experienced trusted advisor to government agencies, central banks, and other sensitive financial institutions, we are practised in keeping information about our clients, about the project we are working on for them, and any material we see in the course of our assignments, with the highest degree of confidentiality. Material that we receive from clients, and which is given to us in confidence, is destroyed after our work is completed, or is returned to the client. If we work on a project with other professional advisors or assistants, we hold them to the same high standards and ensure their practices match ours.


The identity and qualifications of the consultant working on a client’s project is made clear and committed to at the start of the project. Large international consulting firms have a deservedly poor reputation for using senior, experienced, and expensive, partners to conduct the initial discussions and secure a consulting appointment, but then after the contract is signed promptly handing the actual work over to be performed by more junior, less experienced, and cheaper, associates.

We take pride in the quality of our work and of the reports and advice that we provide, and which is evidenced by the many testimonials that we have received over the past decade.

Conflict of interest

We avoid conflict of interest by being able to select our projects and our clients, and we make a clear decision not to work for both sides of a transaction. Where we are involved in similar projects for different firms at different times, or have been previously engaged by competitors, we freely disclose that, and if needed discuss it and the implications, before the engagement is committed.


It is our practice to provide full reports at the end of our engagement, describing the work that has been done for the client, and in particular analysing the time taken and tasks performed, and using this data to support our billings. As a matter of course we provide all receipts for expenses incurred, and willingly notify, discuss, and negotiate significant out of pocket expenses, before they are incurred, as the client requires.

We pay particular attention to the incurring of both billed time and expenses, assuring our clients thereby that efficiency and value for money is maximised. The low overheads of our business, especially when compared with those of the large international consulting firms, gives us an immediate and substantial advantage over them in being able to offer our clients the best value for money.


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