our clients

a selection of our recent clients:

International Finance Corporation/World Bank group
USAID agency of the United States government
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Ministry of Finance, Kingdom of the Netherlands
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [United Arab Emirates]
Banque Marocaine du Commerce Extérieur [Morocco]
Bank of Alexandria [Egypt]
Ecobank, Africa
Association of Banks in Jordan
The ICLIF Leadership and Governance Centre [Malaysia]
China Minsheng Banking Corporation [People’s Republic of China]
MARC Malaysian Rating Agency Bhd
MicroRate Ratings Inc [Washington D.C.]
TRIS Ratings [Thailand]
Bank Mandiri [Indonesia]
Euromoney Training [seminars in New York, Miami, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, Budapest, Beijing, Bangkok, and Johannesburg]

other companies, government agencies, and financial institutions in these countries:

Netherlands                              Russia
Sweden                                    Turkey
Finland                                        USA
Iceland                                   Bahrain
Portugal                              Singapore
Czech Republic                 Caribbean

the Central Banks of:

Poland                                  Pakistan
Egypt                                   Thailand
Saudi Arabia                       Malaysia
Jordan                              Philippines
Syria                                       Turkey

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