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The board assessment that you conducted for us brought many issues to light, and certainly helped us to be a more effective board moving forward.  Your personal style and competence were of enormous help in getting this potentially difficult project completed so successfully.

 Lead independent director, bank, USA

You provided a fine seminar on risk, and it gave me some profound insights into sovereign and banking analysis.  It is bearing fruit already – today it has helped me underwrite a structured trade transaction we are doing in London.  The course was a sound mix of theoretical material, and practical advice and experience-based learning from a total professional with a vast background in the area.

 Senior Vice President, insurance company, Switzerland

Your handling of our Corporate Governance advisory assignment was exemplary.  I know all the board members were as appreciative as I was of your attention to detail, commitment to our ‘way of doing things’, and great tact in delivering the final results.  It certainly beats working with the larger, and better-known, consultants.

 Chairman, board of directors, Middle-East company

The Corporate Governance Code that you prepared and then worked on with us and the companies in our country has now been published.  It has been adopted smoothly, and for that and for the whole orderly process we are deeply grateful.

 Head of regulatory supervision, central bank, East Asia

With the benefit of your input working with us over the past few weeks, our analysts in our Ratings Agency have a much clearer sense of their functions and responsibilities, and much great confidence in dealing with both issuers and investors.  Your advice, based on the extensive experience that you have accumulated throughout your career, has been of great value to us.

 Chief executive, international ratings agency

The Governance workshop was extremely useful and so much fun as well. I enjoyed your lively presentations and also ideas received from around the room made me think of things in ways that I never may have before. It certainly broadened my mind. The exercises showed me that I need to think responses through in some detail and should never be too hasty to act but think about the panoramic view before taking action.

 Bank director, Africa

Thank you so much for the credit workshop that you conducted for our institution.  I found it very interesting, and the combination of theoretical information, and case studies and exercises being working out in the group, was very helpful.

Senior credit officer, commercial bank, Netherlands

Thank you above all for being such an excellent course tutor. I was delighted by the depth, the graduation in complexity of the case studies, and the experienced manner in which you delivered the training.  I have recently spent a year taking a series of degree classes and seminars at Harvard Law School, focused on corporate law and governance. Those seminars with their voluminous reading and study requirements were very interesting, yet in just four days of listening to you and interacting with actual board members on your seminar I believe I covered in less than a week what a year-long series of seminars didn’t fully expose me to. Perhaps it was because the Harvard classes and seminars were mostly theoretical, but I also think that you made your seminar remarkable because of your very skilful handling.

 Chief legal officer, regulatory authority, Africa

It was a very interesting seminar – I found it most informative and I enjoyed your challenging questions and exercises, as well as the interaction within the group.

Senior executive, multinational development bank, USA

I truly enjoyed the workshop.  It got me more and more engaged and enthusiastic about the subject, and your input and sharing of your experience, and the exposure to how corporate governance is carried out (or not) in other industries and other parts of the world, helped me gain a lot of confidence in my current knowledge.

 Head, Investor Relations, oil refining company, Saudi Arabia

Your course with us was very interesting and totally relevant to our situation and our times. Your presentation made it so enjoyable that the four days passed in a flash.

 Bank director, Malaysia

It was a great pleasure to have you as an instructor for this very useful training course.  I would like to reconfirm that this course was one of the best ones I have attended so far in terms of relevance, subject, content, location, audience and of course the instructor, and the hand-outs that you provided were very well prepared.

 Senior risk officer, multinational development bank, Saudi Arabia

I greatly appreciated our conversations during the course: as I said, it was particularly useful for me because answered many of my long-standing questions about risk, as well as raising new questions.  I think that is the process of learning.  I believe the course was very positive for me, and it has helped me to see much more clearly the directions I need to take in my responsibilities.

 Senior risk officer, development bank, Brazil

Thank you for your enthusiastic presentation during the course.  I appreciated the balance between presentations from you, and the time allowed for questions.  Furthermore, I liked the fact that you avoided prescriptions and/or rules from your side. After all, governance should be principles based.

 Senior bank examiner, central bank, Netherlands

My family always tells me I have the shortest attention span ever and can’t keep still, but if they had seen me at this course, they would have changed their minds!  You were responsible for that… You managed to keep me grounded the whole time.  Your knowledge and presentation skills and your whole personality was by far EXCELLENT!  I truly enjoyed the course.  The interaction and case studies were very interesting indeed.  Thanks for making my time an enjoyable one:  Corporate Governance has taken on a whole new “look” for me.  I can’t stop talking about it with my colleagues here.

 Chief legal officer, multinational oil company, UK

I very much enjoyed your risk seminar.  Being essentially a quantitative person with a mathematics background, both the content and your pragmatic approach were very useful to me.

 Chief risk officer, European Central Bank, Luxembourg

It was an enjoyable and enlightening course. I found your insights into international banking particularly helpful, though I promise not to pass off any of your anecdotes as my own!

 Senior manager, international bank, London

The sessions with you were very informative, knowledgeable, and very exciting – especially your use of real case studies.  I do hope many more of our staff will be given the opportunity to attend your course.

 Director, banking supervision, central bank, Africa

I have returned to work better equipped to fulfill my job functions, and with a fuller appreciation of corporate governance and what is currently ‘best practice’ globally.  This is in no small way thanks to you and the masterful way you drove the progress of our workshop.  This has been by far the most informative and engaging course I have been on in a while!

Chief legal counsel, oil company, Nigeria

I very much enjoyed the credit risk workshop you conducted for us. Working in a small department with limited resources means that our research is mostly confined to academic sources and second-hand accounts. Accordingly, the details you provided of your extensive hands-on experience in the field was of great value to me.

 Senior country risk officer, international bank, Belgium

Although I have attended a number of Corporate Governance courses previously, this workshop you provided for our board exceeded my expectations.  I am most impressed with the amount of information that you gave us, and your dedication and diligence throughout your time with us.

 Bank director, South Africa

This was a wonderful opportunity for us to meet and learn from your vast knowledge and experience in this very important subject of corporate governance. The lectures and materials were very relevant and thought-provoking,  giving me personally a platform to reflect on what I have been doing, and helping me to see what needs to be done better. The cases we did in class and the ones that you gave us were excellently selected to provide lessons that will certainly help us in the future.

Company director, Singapore

It was a very enlightening course, exceeding my highest expectations, and your unique way of conducting it was the key to its success.

Chief legal counsel, private company, Argentina

I found your course really very good, and in fact it far exceeded my expectations. You did a fantastic job, and I have to say you seem to have chosen the right profession – teaching is your thing!

 Company secretary, government company, West Indies

I benefitted from your presentations and from discussions with other colleagues on your course. It was useful to learn how others operate and how one can adapt these principles to one’s own organization. Your examples were live ones, and they provided insights into the issues that many overlook – and which can lead to financial or management crisis in an organization.

 Board chairman, government company, South Africa

I did enjoy the course tremendously, and am confident my company will benefit from my having attended. The group of participants was a good mix and your presentational skills, plus your wonderful sense of humour, made this a very enjoyable course.

Senior credit officer, commercial bank, Iceland

I was very proud to participate in this risk seminar, and it was by far the most interesting and challenging workshop that I have ever attended.

Senior risk manager, commercial bank, Romania

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it to any of my colleagues.  We did indeed cover a lot of ground (and it’s still sinking in) but I found it very insightful and interesting.

Chief risk officer, international bank, London

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and I really enjoyed your course. So much so, that I have been highly recommending it to everyone that I talk to whom I feel may have an interest. It was by far the most interesting and useful training that I have attended in many years!

 Vice President (Corporate Governance), private company, USA

I found your Governance course to be the most interesting class that I have taken in my career as an investment manager.  I had expected the content to be occasionally rather dry and legalistic, when focusing on what Corporate Governance legally obliges directors to do, but this could not have been further from my experience.  I now find myself studying companies more from a governance point of view – and being aware of the lack of understanding of this important skill in those responsible for protecting all of our interests as investors.  I look forward to implementing what you have taught me in the coming years.

 Investment manager, asset management company, West Indies



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